sep 182010

Så var vi der igjen!

( I’ll never leave you! –  Oops! –  So we are there again! )

Norway,  in the Skjeberg forests in  October- November.

The morning sun showing dark shades in the forest.

More pics from Krysstjern.

You perhaps have guessed that I love this little lake.

It takes me 30 min. to walk up to it, and 1 hour to walk around it.

Lake Ingeridtjern, also a nice place, with Ellen in front.

Beer Creek, brewed by nature!


Do not try to eat those mushrooms:

But these are good: (traktkantareller)

A fallen tree refusing to die.

Animals are preparing for the winter. This little fellow, anguis fragilis, was taking a rest, lying in the middle of the path we used:

And the spiders are still at work:

This picture of the little young bird which had not yet learned to fly was shown to me by a person we met in the forest. It was taken 2 months ago.

Rondane mountains in late October (photo by my friend K.Bergli)

Ice on Lille Krysstjern

Dunkjevler i næringsrike dammer

The Secret Guardian of Skjeberg Golfklubb’s Green 14:

I will raise my head and watch the light, praise the living and respect the dead!

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