apr 262011

We visited Evert’s parents in Castricum last week.
Travelling with Color Line’s new, big car ferry from Oslo to Kiel was a nice and relaxing way of going to the EU. The car’s GPS took us relatively easy out of Kiel in direction of Bremen , but as we came nearer the Dutch border, trouble set in. The idea of the GPS to go to Castricum was taking the roads around Amsterdam. We did not agree, because we knew that going on the ring around Amsterdam in the long lasting rush hours would be a tiring experience with a lot of waiting and slow-going traffic. So we decided to overrule the wayfinder and go via Groningen, Leeuwarden, over the great dam of Ijsselmeer in the north, towards Alkmaar.

But what are the main roads and what are small, narrow roads? We had a lot of guesswork before we at last hit the target: Castricum.

This was the perfect time for enjoying the tulips blooming all over the fields for kilometres beside the roads.

(Aftenposten 1.mai: Se for deg 40000 tulipanblomstrende fotballbaner så har du omfanget. Men det holder fint med en tur til Keukenhof.)

Keukenhof (south of Haarlem) is a MUST-SEE for you if you visit Holland in March- May. I guess you will agree with me after you have seen a few of my pictures!

Beautiful, isn’t it?

The van Gogh jubilee marked by flowers as a copy of his self-portrait!

A little man, trying to walk in his father’s footsteps?

Every person who goes to Holland visits Amsterdam. We first took a boat sightseeing on the waterways and canals.

The smallest house in town: Yes, we can stretch our arms to reach both sides!

Bikes all over, one of the P-houses for bikes could take 2500 of them, while in Oslo there are none as far as I know.

Egmond aan Zee is a busy holiday town with an impressing long and nice beach at the North Sea coast.

Hey, don’t forget me! I’m old but I can still do my job as a Lighthouse!

Now I like it better!

Not only windmills, but also solar power.  Hello Norway, it is possible !

Skaal! Auf wiedersehen, Dutch friends!

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