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As I have suspected, long time ago, some cheaters would sooner or later be found, and Lance Armstrong is so far not the only one. Also a Norwegian cyclist has now admitted taking illegal medicines and drugs.

It is not only a question about lies that seemingly a lot of persons can be suspected to have told us when they were asked if they had been using doping, but also of fraud:  The liars, cheaters and frauds have taken millions of dollars from other cyclists that had not cheated and rightfully should have been given the winner prices.

Why not allow professional athletes to use performance enhancing dopes? If we make it legal, then at least we would know that in  competitions like Tour de France all competitors would be more  equal. Health risks? Well, they are grown-up people, and like other kind of  entertainers they know the risks. But some are surely willing to gamble with their health.

It is like you and me; Drinking too much alcohol or smoking sigarettes  or eating too much food is harmful to our health, and we know it. Still we do it, don’t we, ignoring the possible consequences?


Absolutely latest news:

An unknown man, mr X, told me that the last contestant in this year’s Le Tour broke the Finish line in Paris yesterday. Let us not jump to conclusions too quickly, but I think we have found at least one «clean» person, maybe the winner?  😉


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